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Total: $24 (2-Months Membership)
Course: Bitcoin for Beginners
Course: Stay Anonymous Online

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Level: Starter
Modules: 2 (one module per month)
Duration: 2-Months Membership
Payments: $12 first month (thereafter $12 per month for 1 month)
Automatic payments: No. You pay manually month-by-month.
Total: $24 ($12 x 2 months)
Access: Lifetime *

* When you complete your courses you have full access to all training materials and updates forever.



MODULE #1: Course Bitcoin for Beginners

You don’t have to be a Genius to Master Bitcoin. It was extremely understandable and easy to follow. Don’t waste your time on searching. Spend your time learning not searching.

Table of Contents
  • What is Bitcoin
  • How does Bitcoin work
  • Bitcoin Wallet
  • How to create a Bitcoin wallet
  • Why stay anonymous
  • How to earn your first Bitcoins
  • How to earn Bitcoin online
  • How to invest your Bitcoins
  • Mining
  • How to buy, sell, and exchange Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin’s Halving
  • The Future of Bitcoins
  • Bitcoin Price Predictions
  • Expect to be Surprised
  • Best Advice

All you need to know in one place.


MODULE #2: Course Stay Anonymous Online

This will not make you invisible. This isn’t a guide to disappearing completely. This is a guide for the average Joe or Alice, who are not cybercriminals, to regain their privacy online. Learn how to actually Anonymize everything you do online.

Table of Contents
  • Protect your privacy on the Internet
  • Why is it important to stay private online
  • Stay invisible online
  • Why the FBI Director puts tape over his webcam
  • How to stay private online
  • Don’t use Social Media
  • Mass spying
  • Should you be concerned
  • Determine how hidden you want to be
  • Online anonymity is not a guarantee
  • Freedom of speech
  • How might your identity be discovered
  • Step #1: Browse Anonymously
  • Tor Browser
  • Paranoid
  • If Tor is blocked by your school, company, ISP, country, etc. …
  • Large File Transfers
  • Mobile devices
  • Step #2: Anonymous Email
  • You must always use Tor
  • Forget about Gmail
  • Create a email account to use over Tor
  • Step #3: Anonymous Website
  • So what do you do
  • How to create an Anonymous Website or Blog
  • Why to avoid free web hosting services
  • Web Hosting in United States
  • How to prevent Domain Seizures
  • Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection is a Must
  • Offshore Hosting and Server Providers
  • Anonymous free speech website Haven
  • This will not make you invisible

All you need to know in one place.



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