Bitcoin by the Numbers

2140 – Estimated date last bitcoin will be mined, according to TradeBlock data.
21 MILLION – Total bitcoins that will ever be issued.

21% – Bitcoin growth per year
7% – USA $ Growth per year
If the current rate of production remains steady for both currencies, there will be more bitcoins in the world than U.S. currency by 2069.

25% – Share of the U.S. population that is either unbanked or underbanked, according to the World Bank.
50% – Share of the world population that is still unbanked, meaning it does not have access to basic financial services, according to the World Bank.

40% of smartphone users already use mobile banking

471 – Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. (The first bitcoin ATM machine: Houston, TX, US. The biggest number of ATM: US 168 ATMs and Canada 83 ATMs.)

76% consumers are not familliar with Bitcoin
79% consumers have never and would never consider using an alternative form of currency like Bitcoin

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